How to Create a new GIT Branch from a Tag?

GIT tags are created to mark a specific point in git history and then deployed. But sometimes you might want to debug the deployed code and the best way is to create a new GIT branch from that tag.

How to Create a Git Branch (WITH EXAMPLE)

A new branch can be created with the ‘git checkout’ command with the ‘-b’ option and a new branch name as arguments. This will create a new branch from your current branch and also switch the branch to the new branch.

GIT STASH: Save uncommitted changes (WITH EXAMPLES)

Git stash command is used to store changes that you don’t want to commit now and take you to the last commit of the branch. And later when you are ready you can come back to the same branch and reapply the stashed changes.

How to Rename GIT Branch?

Git branch can be renamed with a simple command "git branch -m <new-name>", this will rename your current git branch name.

How To Clone A GIT Repository

Git repository can be downloaded or cloned with the "git clone" command with the path of the repository as an argument. This will clone the specified git repository folder in your current directory.

How to checkout a git tag

But sometimes we need to checkout a remote tag to our local. You can achieve this by fetching it from remote and checkout it as a branch on local.
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